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The Pandemic is Over... well no, NOT really

In fact, some cities like San Francisco are mandated masks again due to NEW outbreaks of COVID-19. (as of July 8, 2021) We still have a bit to go but we do see a "Big Return" to Work and School. You know what else we're seeing? The Big Resignation and/or #TheBigShift- that's the big news here.

Social distancing, quarantining and keeping safe have really forced us to spend a lot of time with ourselves and our thoughts. We started to ask ourselves, "Is this really what I want to do for the next 5 years? The next 3 years? Do I really want to return to the office to do the same work I have been comfortably doing from home?"

Also, being at home with the internet at our fingertips has allowed us to peruse other areas of interests. Lost dreams, forgotten hopes and wishful thinking were pushed to the forefront of new possibilities. Some of us even found the time to enroll in online classes to learn new trades and to start post secondary educations. Since the pandemic affected everything, including Universities, people started "online learning" in droves.

The Pandemic opened our eyes to the fact that the phrase "you only have 1 life to live" really rings true. Some dared to think "what if?" and started preparing for #TheBigShift.

Here are my tips and tricks to help guide you for a new transition, a new shift and/ or a new lease on life. Just keep in mind that these are just my viewpoints and perspective and you should really talk to your families, friends, life-coaches and/or specialists.

*If you enjoy what you are already being paid to do for a living- congratulations. However, if you have been doing this fulfilling work from home (with business thriving) then ask your employer if you may continue to do so. They'll save on property rent/space too. They may even set you up with things you need- computers, mobile phones or pay for your internet service.

Also, see if there are positions within your current company to make a shift towards something else you'd like to do. If you're an exemplary employee, especially during these times, companies would hate to lose you altogether. Lateral moves within can be just what you (and they) need.

*An enjoyable hobby may not necessarily be a career change. Be sure that before you quit your paying job to start a new career path, that it is something you want to do for a living. Do not confuse a fun hobby with an employment shift. For instance, I really enjoy cooking and have made incredible meals almost every night for the last 25 years for my family. However, I have no desire to become a chef and cook for others all day in a restaurant. Also keep in mind that what we may enjoy doing, may not necessarily be profitable. Sometimes, a hobby is just a hobby that you can do for "relief" from your current job if and when it gets stressful.

*Look at your current working habits and see what you need to improve or change about those habits before moving on. You'll take those habits with you to your new place of employment or if you start up a new company. If you tend to over-work yourself and do not know when to turn off your "work mode" then you will not enjoy a quality of life. Get that under control before starting anything new. A good quality of life is a fine balance. Try not to work yourself to death as they say. If you're half-working, getting over, not giving your best and just plain lazy- get that under control too. You'll probably carry-over those habits onto your next job.

*Make sure you can afford a new career path and you have a financial plan before you make any sudden shifts in employment. Can you be financially sound if you're out of work "looking for your dream job" or must you look for a new job while currently working your old one? Please make an informed decision.

Best of luck to you!


H. Luiz Martínez

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