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H. Luiz Gastro-Tours

are a huge part of my business and one of the most-enjoyable parts because I get to eat glorious foods.  The way it's conducted is very simple:  GMs & Chefs invite me to their restaurants so that I'm treated to a sample size portions of what the Chef / GM / Property has to offer.  It's usually off-menu so that the Chef can really show off what he or she can do.  Most times the small plates (usually 3 proteins, 1 vegetarian dish and a dessert) is prepared and paired with wines. My destination-wedding / party guests like the gastro-tours because they can get an idea about the food before they call a restaurant, hotel or resort for a reservation.


lAs I always say, if I write / post about a gastro-tour, then I really liked it and believe you will enjoy it too.

If I did not enjoy the quality, service or flavor profile of a place, I just won't write about it- period.

I don't believe in writing negative reviews or believe in being paid to write a positive one.

Below you'll find great gastro-tour posts, links and/or videos!

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Food Preparation

“Surprise Gastro Tour at MB at Live Aqua Cancún”


The amazing Valerie Van-Rooij brought Live Aqua Cancún's Executive Chef César Germain and MB Chef Jesus over to meet us. They were friendly Chefs with sturdy handshakes and all smiles. Chef Cesar inquired about our dinner plans and so we told him we were heading to MB. Then Chef Jesus informed us that he was going to prepare special "meals" for us and they both disappeared as if on winged feet.

The surprise was on us...   

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