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Built by Food! 😉_#FoodForFitness #EatRi

About Me: 

Over the past 25 years, I've learned new  techniques to create and elevate  ordinary meals.  I'm inspired by home cooks (and a few professional chefs as well) that I was fortunate enough to have met along my travel adventures around the world.  


I really enjoy showing others just how easy it  is to cook great-tasting foods. 

Cooking for yourself is not only economical, it is a great way to connect with your body.  When you cook and eat real whole foods and combine that with some physical activity, you'll be amazed just how quickly your Body and Mental Health can transform.  Fit Bodies are made in the Kitchen and not necessarily the gym.  

Let's take this journey together and let me thank you in advance for stopping by and checking out "H. Luiz Presents..." 


#hluizpresents #foodforfitness #eatrightbeactive

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