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Easy Apple Turn-Overs

This easy video recipe, utilizing puff pastry is over 9 years old! It really has stood the test of time! About 165k+ viewers really enjoyed it on YouTube- I think you will too!

#appleturnovers #bakedgoods #hluizpresents #hluizbakes

Bake Your Own Biscotti

or as I call it- A Lotti Biscotti!  These are my little nibblers but you can search for my traditional size biscotti on YouTube as well.

I like making these for the holidays!!

#biscotticookies #hluizbakes #bakedgoods #hluizpresents

No Bake Strawberry Tart

Some delicious desserts do not even have to be baked.  This tart is beautiful and delicious and no time was spent baking the crust.

Learn this no-bake technique now!!

#nobakedesserts #strawberrytart #hluizbakes #hluizpresents

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