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Confetti Chicken Wings

Make these special wings for your next party! The fresh diced veggies give it a party look and feel.  These are a big hit for game day parties! 

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Amazing Turkey Roulade

In this video recipe, I show you how I make my rolled-up turkey breast.  It can feed an army and I make it every Thanksgiving. Make it for your next party or holiday.

#turkeyroulade #hluizparty #hluizpresents #hluizfoods

White Wine Sangria

My white wine Sangria is similar to my red one, however I do use specific fruits for each type of wine whether it be red or white. Some fruits just lend their flavors better towards one or the other.

#whitewinesangria #hluizparty #hluizpresents #hluizfoods

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