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The Colonial Zone

The 1st City of the New World is La Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  This is one of my most-favorite places on the face of the planet! The Dominican Republic is definitely the most frequented destinations I've been to and that's including Puerto Rico & Mexico! (That's saying a lot.)

I'm in love with the Coloniall Zone and never grow tired of it's historical, 16th Century surroundings. 

I always stay at El Beaterio Casa Museo in the Heart of the Colonial Zone- tell them H. Luiz sent you!

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Costa Rica is Everything

The Beautiful people of Costa Rica have helped shape the way I look at food.  As 1 of the World's 5 Blue Zones, their influence was paramount for my Food for Fitness tab.

The Blue Zones are 5 regions in the world with the most concentration of healthy Centenarians (those reaching 100+ years) but who are also physically and mentally fit.

I'm returning to Costa Rica soon to learn more tasty but delicious recipes and techniques to share with you all!

#hluiztravels #colonialzone #zonacolonial #santodomingo

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