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      The "H. Luiz Presents..."  website was created almost 10 years ago now! 

Back then, the focus was very simple- to provide a great space where I can share my cooking videos and travel adventures.

     Today, the message is still pretty much the same.  But as time flew by, my travel adventures has granted me amazing experiences with other home cooks (and some great chefs) from different countries.  They have granted me a better perspective on my relationship with food.  They have shown me how local foods can be elevated with cultural cooking techniques, great pairings of fresh herbs and combinations of humble spices.  They have also taught me that clean food is the cornerstone and the most essential part of overall physical fitness and mental health fitness as well.

     Now, the site will serve as a place where I can demonstrate all that I have learned and hopefully inspire you to create great meals, improve your physical fitness and demonstrate that "people around the world" can teach us all we ever want to know- if we're willing to listen.

   Simply, "H. Luiz Presents..." was created as a medium to share my recipes, cooking videos, travel adventures and personal lifestyle brand. 

Please enjoy this website, it was made with you in mind.

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