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Soups and Stews

It is Soup Season and do I have some great tasting soups and stews for you!

This NEW cookbook on AMAZON is packed with delicious recipes, inspiring pictures and stories that served as to why this book means so much to me. I think it'll mean so much to you too as you add your creative touches and make these recipes your own. Whether you're just starting to learn your way around the kitchen or if you're a seasoned home-cook or chef, these recipes are easy to follow, make and enjoy.

Soups and Stews is also packed with many links! These links will take you to video recipes and other posts of foods. This way, you'll get visual step by step instructions (some people learn better / faster this way. You'll also have links to my social media food pages where you'll get even more recipes, tips and tricks to further enhance your cooking experience.

The stories that I've shared in Soups and Stews really come from the heart. The reason why I chose certain soups and why I've included specific stews is because they really are a part of me. I truly make these recipes during soup season and some all year round. What I've learned with this new cookbook is that nostalgia and fond memories are reasons enough to make certain dishes. Please create these recipes and over time, make them your own. Add this, elevate that, omit this, include that, use a different protein or make it vegan. That's the beauty of soups and stews n general- they're truly meant to ground a base and inspire to create your own. Get it on AMAZON:

Download the FREE Kindle app and get Soups and Stews by H. Luiz Martinez on Amazon. With the Kindle App, you can watch (and click the links) on your mobile devices and tablets, laptops and even on your PC.

The New Cookbook, Soups and Stews make a great gift and a quality inexpensive gift ($7) to give to someone on your Christmas List. In this pandemic, it's a great way to connect with loved ones and special friends, while keeping socially distant and responsible. Soups and Stews are also great ways to make food budgets stretch and stretch. It might as well be delicious too! Gift a copy today!

Feel Good HOLIDAY Food is also still available ($6) just in time for the Holidays!

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