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What a great post, DM @Whomever for a special collab!

I get this lazy solicitation "comment" at least 10x's a day on my IG feed.

It's social media's version of a robocall and it's a horrible, lazy attempt to acquire customers.

At first, I was flattered. Someone wrote on one of my style posts and commented that they loved my style and I would be a great candidate to promote this major fashion brand because of my amazing pic. They added "DM @SomeoneElse for a special collaboration."

The IG pic that received the solicitous comment(s) about 2 years ago.

I was going to reply to say that the "someone else" should DM me if they're interested (I do promote quite a bit of other brands.) I'm no stranger to negotiations and by-passing a talent scout trolling the net for talent. Before I had the chance to comment back, I've received virtually the same comment from someone else. Then, a similar comment on another pic, then another. This was about 2 years ago and these comments continue today.

Let me tell you what these "comments" really are. They're usually "bots" that stretch their spidery legs to "touch" certain #tags and keywords. Once they touch a tag or word that coincides with what they're hocking, the comment (written as if interested in you) appears. If you click on the brand or service they're asking you to DM and actually message them (I did a FULL research for you) you'll find that it's usually also a "bot". I Direct Messaged a few and this is how it went...


Me: One of your scouts asked me to DM you but I'm not interested. I also think it's unprofessional, lazy and tacky to have someone solicit me through a "comment".

Them: Thank you for your interest in XYZ brand and we're looking forward to collaborating with you.

Them: We would be happy to offer you 50% off anything in our store so that you can become an official ambassador. After that, we'll send you an ambassador code, giving you 30% off of your purchases.

Me: I am not interested, I just want the comments to stop- there are quite a few.

Them: All we ask that if we choose to work together, you tag us in a pic of you wearing our gear and we will feature you on our IG and website. Does that sound good?

Me: No, I'm writing you about these solicitous comments and you're going on about a collab- where I buy products to promote you. That's ridiculous. I just want the comments to stop.

Them: Unfortunately we cannot send free items. We are working for an influencer program like that but it isn't quite ready. Look around our store and we'll send you a discount code ASAP.


COULD YOU BELIEVE THAT? This comment lead lead to another bot from a brand / store / service that wanted me to promote them to Followers- not only for free, but to BUY their stuff in the process. RIDICULOUS. I get 10+ of these comments daily, sometimes 2-3 on the same pic.

They're preying on those who are desperate to make a name for themselves or to make a buck (times are hard out here) but you have to know what you're getting in to. A real brand / company will not solicit you through a comment (and one usually made by a bot). Now, of course a real company may resort to this tactic but it's incredibly unprofessional and in my opinion "tacky."

I just wanted you to know that THEY are just trolling for Customers- not brand ambassadors.

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