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Feel Good HOLIDAY Food

Just in time for what many consider "the Food Holidays," my new holiday cookbook Feel Good HOLIDAY Foods is out on AMAZON

This holiday cookbook is filled with recipes (from starters to desserts), packed with personal holiday stories, amazing pictures and quick links to videos for step by step instructions for most of the recipes inside the book. Here's a taste (see what I did there? jajaja) of what's inside...

Our Thanksgiving was pretty typical the first 5 years, It was all we knew growing up in Latin -American Households. Itwas a much-too-big turkey, sometimes coupled with a ham. Mashed sweet potatoes and regular mashed potatoes were just 2 of the sides. Baked macaroni and cheese was a must. And of course there was rice and peas (sometimes beans) and always a pot of white rice just in case. Let's see, there was potato salad, macaroni-egg salad and biscuits and Holy CARB load, Batman! There was also a huge green salad that no one hardly touched (incidentally, no one touched the white rice either.) Then there was my famous cranberry-grape compote made from scratch. Why was it famous? It was famous because I was verbally reminded by my In-Laws every year that "Latinos just do not eat cranberry sauce." When I exclaimed that I’m Latino and I eat cranberry sauce, I was told, "Enjoy yourself, there seems to be plenty." Oh! And I didn’t mention the appetizers and starters before the Thanksgiving meal. There was also pies, cookies and sometimes cake! I feel sick just thinking about those days.

Today, I create lighter fares that are a bit easier on the wallet and the waistline. Starters are usually just some nuts- pan roasted or raw. Sometimes it’s just fresh fruit, dried fruits and naturally flavored waters. Often times though, it’s a tasty quick bite for those that cannot wait and I can't wait until I show you those!

Feel Good HOLIDAY Food is one of ten cookbooks to be distributed by AMAZON Books . Download the FREE Kindle App via the App Store, GooglePlay or for Your PC. The other cookbooks will be electronic and some may be physical books as well. I wanted this first one, Feel Good HOLIDAY Food, to be electronic only so that it can be inexpensive. I also wanted to get the book to you in time to plan your holiday meals.

If you make any of the recipes in Feel Good HOLIDAY Food- please take pics, post on social media and tag me on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and TikTok- use hashtag #HLuizCookbooks too.

The 2nd cookbook Soups & Stews is coming out real soon!

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