8 Ways to ANNOY Travelers

We are expected to have a great time when we travel, go on vacation, and take a holiday – aren’t we?


However, sometimes we may get annoyed by the “little things” that then become big things (if ignored) and before you know it – aaaaarghhhhhh!!

Here are 8 Ways that Hotels may ANNOY Travelers:

1. Charge GUESTS hundreds of dollars per night, then charge $15-$25 dollars a day for WIFI service. I don’t want to ASK for FREE WIFI, especially when I know how little it costs the hotel to setup WIFI services. It’s about $3 a month per room – that’s an average of .10 cents a day and you want to charge me what??

2. Rearrange personal toiletries left in the bathroom but don’t replenish shampoos/soaps in the shower. I understand that you want to be “helpful” so that I may tip you well (don’t worry, as long as you change my sheets, you’ll get a handsome tip.) But to not replace soaps, replenish bathroom tissue, or provide enough clean towels? Now that would be most-helpful.

3. Call the next morning at 7am (with a phone set to SCREAMING LOUD) to ask if everything’s okay. Some people “sleep in” while on vacation. The last thing I want to do is to bolt out of bed because of a SREAMING RINGER and then be asked “How’s everything.” Trust me, I will give you an earful after that. This happens so often that we literally unplug the phone cord before we go to bed now. Also, make sure the alarm clock is set to off – if you can’t figure it out – unplug and use your mobile phone alarms if needed.

4. Watered-down bottles of alcohol. What is up with that? Don’t they think we’re going to notice? I do not drink much alcohol, so if I can’t taste it, imagine my partner who can drink lots of “spirits” with no problem? Then they’ll charge extra for added (still watered-down) alcohol and you’re left paying $20 for essentially a virgin drink.

5. Asking every 5 minutes if guests want something to drink/eat in the pool/beach areas. We get it – you want to make cash tips, but if you annoy us, we’re not going to want to come down to the pool/beach areas. On more than one occasion, a staff member woke up my Partner to ask if he needed “something,” in which he replied, “Yes – to be left alone for an hour.”

6. Bombard guests by hawking time-shares, selling excursions/trips, pushing spa services, and tickets for sale to local clubs. Listen – we did all those explorer/adventure trips more times than we can count in our younger years. Now, we just want to relax, lay in the sun, and prepare for nothing. If the Hotel has Spa Services – that’s great. Promote and market your spa and all it has to offer, but once is quite enough.

7. Hotel noise – the kind EMPLOYEES make! When other guests make noise, it’s an easy fix – usually. But when employees make noise (slamming doors, having loud conversations across the hallways, talking on mobile phones, etc.) at the wee hours of the morning, it’s not so cute! Once, we were abruptly awakened by a drill gun – A DRILL GUN! The bungalow next door had a loose something or another and so it was being ‘taking car of” at 7am.

8. The room safe cannot accommodate today’s modern devices. Today’s traveler, couples, and families each have electronic devices, smartphones, tablets, and laptops that they want to put away in a “safe” place like…well like…well like a safe. Some room safe boxes can hardly handle a wallet and a watch much less an iPad or two. About 8 years ago, a Floridian Hotel asked if I wanted to upgrade to a bigger room with a slightly larger safe box AND wanted to charge me for the upgrade. I said, “You’re in need of modern utility upgrades and your solution is to charge me for a room with a slightly larger safe?” I got the new room at no charge and the safe was NOT that much bigger (still couldn’t fit our tablets) but I’ll never stay there again.

I hope you hoteliers were paying attention! I’m not much of a complainer to my audience (that’s how come they have not heard all this before), but at least I didn’t name names. I’m hoping if your property has these problems, that you’ll correct them BEFORE “other guests” get there.

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$25 Can BUY 21 MEALS in NYC! #TrueStory

Now really…what can you get in NYC for $25 these days?
Aids Walk NY 2014

Maybe 5 to 6 “café grandes” at you know where…
coffees Please CLICK here to Donate and join the TEAM if you can: http://awny2014.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1089371&lis=0&kntae1089371=82B36BE4DB8D461CAC0AED4529064166&supId=0&team=5926653&cj=Y

Or maybe two packs of cigarettes…

Maybe two watered-down fruity drinks…

Perhaps even one inexpensive dinner, but 21 full balanced and nutritious meals for $25??

Well YOU can! Here’s how: when you give the minimum ONLINE amount of $25 to the AIDS Walk New York Foundation, an individual in need will receive 21 meals. That’s a nutritious breakfast, a great-filling lunch, and a wonderful meal for dinner – all in a congregate setting for a FULL 7 Days! This is all made possible by YOU and the Nutrition Education and Meals Program at GMHC. Please CLICK here to Donate and join the TEAM if you can: http://awny2014.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1089371&lis=0&kntae1089371=82B36BE4DB8D461CAC0AED4529064166&supId=0&team=5926653&cj=Y

YouTube Preview Image
Please CLICK here to Donate and join the TEAM if you can: http://awny2014.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1089371&lis=0&kntae1089371=82B36BE4DB8D461CAC0AED4529064166&supId=0&team=5926653&cj=Y

AWNY 2014

H. Luiz
Please CLICK here to Donate and join the TEAM if you can: http://awny2014.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1089371&lis=0&kntae1089371=82B36BE4DB8D461CAC0AED4529064166&supId=0&team=5926653&cj=Y

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Valentine’s Day TIPS and TRICKS


2) 1) You do NOT need to spend $60 – $150 on red roses. $20 of red carnations dispersed around your home is very romantic. I usually put the carnations and baby’s breath in fluted glasses (kind of like mini vases) and I can get about a dozen full glasses all around the room.

2) You also do NOT need to have chocolate for dessert (how many times are we going to have chocolate covered strawberries?) This year, we’re making strawberry ice cream sandwiches with oatmeal cookies, coated with pistachios – very sexy!! (check out my non-chocolate dessert from about 3 years ago Individual Heart-Shaped Ice Cream Cake)

3) COOK for your Valentine! Nothing’s sexier than someone cooking you a meal from the heart (making reservations on Feb. 14th can get very expensive.) Ditch the everyday meal and go fo something different, maybe some new spices or exotic proteins like elk or bison. Sometimes, an apron covering just a nude body may be all you need to perk up an evening. Oh!

4) Do NOT give someone you’re dating a black velvet box on Valentine’s Day, unless your planning to propose with an engagement/promise ring (I gave a woman I loved a black velvet box and she was so disappointed to find a pair of earrings inside.)

5) Here’s one of my simple table-top tricks: cut up heart shapes from shades of red and pink construction paper and sprinkle your table with them. Then set your table with plates, cutlery, and glasses on top of all those hearts for a festive look.

6) Cookies (either home-made or store-bought) look more elegant on a little cake stand rather than a plate. It makes a great centerpiece too.

7) For an inexpensive cocktail, use your blender – puree some frozen fruit (such as strawberries or raspberries) and place about 2 tablespoons in a champagne glass. Add Prosecco (Italian Sparkling wine) and you have yourself a beautiful and delicious cocktail. A good Prosecco runs between 8-12 dollars for a bottle. A good Champagne can run you from $30 and up…you do the math.

8 ) Strawberry Shortcake is quick an easy and you CAN use store bought items in ANY grocery store. All you need do is slice some pound cake, place strawberries on top, then whip cream, another slice of pound cake, strawberries, then whip cream again. (If you buy fresh strawberries, rinse them, pat them dry, place in a glass bowl with a 1/2 cup of sugar, refridgerate for at least 3 hours – this will make it’s own juice/syrup)

9) If you’re sharing Valentine’s Day with children, bake cookies or prepare dinner with them. Let them take part in the little “touches” you do. Have them come up with some gift ideas, make them part of the celebration (children should witness the romantic side of your relationship – how else are they going to learn how to be “romantic?”) Our son says all the time, “I can’t wait to travel and enjoy the oceanside with my girl…holding hands and kissing while watching the sunset in her eyes…I can’t wait to be in love.” Studies show (here I go…) that children learn how to interact within a relationship based upon their parents relationship. If you’re romantic, caring, selfless, patient, and loving, your children will probably be the same way when they get into their relationships. If you’re nasty, cruel, snippy, and evil…well, you get the picture. It’s important to show them that it’s about romance, an appreciation, a consideration of the one you are in love with, it’s not about a sex thing.

OR – order a few pizzas and lock those kids in their room (tell them to invite a friend or two – their parents would love you for that, especially on Valentine’s Day), give them their iPods, video games, and cellphones and trust me, they will not come out.

10) If you’re romantic throughout the year, then Valentine’s Day will not be an “expectation” to be romantic. If you give your special someone your undivided attention every time you see them, then there will NOT be a specific date where you must “perform” an act of love. A foot rub, massage, warm bathtub, or even an early nap together is all you need on Valentine’s Day, if you’re romantic throughout the year. Flowers, reservations, chocolates, diamonds – who needs them on February 14th (prices are tripled) when you give/receive these things (and so much more) throughout the year?

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    Checkout these NEW YouTube Videos


    How to Bake YOUR Own Biscotti – A-Lotti-Biscotti
    YouTube Preview Image

    How to Make Shrimp Ceviche
    YouTube Preview Image

    Make Your Own Easy Apple Turnovers
    YouTube Preview Image

    Happy NEW Year 2014!! :)
    YouTube Preview Image

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    Make Your Own SHRIMP Ceviche

    Make Your Own  elegant SHRIMP Ceviche for your next lunch or dinner.

    YouTube Preview Image

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    A Lotti Biscotti

    Picture 1

    Here’s the video recipe for my biscotti…please enjoy, rate, and subscribe! :)

    YouTube Preview Image

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    A Whole Chicken is Better Than the Sum of Its Parts

    It took me awhile, but I caught on many years back that a whole chicken is far less costly than buying chicken parts – especially if you’re buying organic chicken.
    Whole Chicken

    The average whole chicken (not organic) costs about .94cents a pound making the average 5 lb. bird less than $5.00 or so. That’s 2 whole chicken breasts, 2 whole thighs, 2 drumsticks, 2 wings, and an entire chicken back, neck, and gizzards (great for homemade gravies, au jus and stock) for less than .55cents average per piece. WOW!! You see, when you gain specific information, you’re more apt to make changes that affect your bottom line.
    Cut Up Chicken

    I “usually” buy 3 whole chickens to make the “cutting up” really worth my time and money - giving me 24 “real” pieces for under $15 for the month…again, WOW!! So the “go to” meals that come to mind are 6 thighs for Coq Au Vin (dinner for 2, plus 1 lunch); 6 wings to make Friday Night HOT Wings with Fresh Crudite and Ranch Dressing (dinner for 2);6 drumsticks for frying or rotisserie style with mashed sweet-potatoes and steamed broccoli (dinner for 2); 6 chicken breast that I easily cut into slender halves for 12 Breasts for grilling, frying, baking, or shredding for soup or cubing for salads, wraps, tacos, fajitas - 10 meals easy there.  Now, some of you have said, “That sound like GREAT cost savings, but I don’t know how to cut up a whole chicken.” Well, isn’t it worth it for you to LEARN how? :) And I promise, cutting up a chicken takes just about 5 minutes – after some practice…10 minutes for beginners.

    The easiest way is to bake the entire bird then take off your select pieces – breasts, thighs, drumstick, and wings. However, I prefer to have raw chicken parts that I may season then wrap for my freezer. So, I buy 3 whole chickens, then wrap them up according to the pieces I may need for meals and recipes I may have in my head. Here’s how I do it…

    WINGS: Lay the whole chicken breast up. To determine where the wing joint attaches to the breast, just wiggle the wing and cut through the ball joint where it meets the breast. Easy.

    LEGS (Thighs and Drumsticks): To remove the whole leg, cut through the skin between the thigh and the breast so that you may see the bones. Then wiggle the leg to determine where the thigh meets the socket, cut through that joint. Place each leg skin-side down. See where the ball joint between the drumstick and thigh is located (look for the thin line of fat that was perpendicular to the body.) Cut through to separate the thigh and the drumstick, wiggle the joint to help locate it. Done

    BACK/BREASTS: The easiest way (I found) to remove the breast meat is to remove the “back.” Start at the head end of the bird and cut through the rib cage on one side of the backbone with kitchen shears or a sharp knife. Repeat on the other side of the backbone to remove it completely. Reserve the backbone and neck (and giblets)for chicken stock later. To cut the breast into 2 halves, place it skin-side down, exposing the breastbone. To protect your hand, fold up a kitchen towel and place it on top of a heavy, sharp knife. Use a lot of pressure to cut through the reddish breast bone and whitish cartilage right down the center of the breast. Now you have 2 breast halves. I often cut each breast in half again to get 4 sliced breast pieces per bird. Wiggle and clean the wishbone for fun and make a wish with someone you love!

    BBQ Chicken

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    LIVE on YouTube Nov 25th @ 9pm


    Thanksgiving Prep – watch me LIVE and I’ll offer some prep tips, fun ideas, and answer as many questions as I can with the best of my Entertaining and Culinary knowledge on Monday, NOVEMBER 25th @ 9pm

    YouTube has granted me “LIVE Stream” access to reach viewers in real time. That means, I can schedule an event and you’ll have the ability to communicate with me through comments, phone calls, emails, Morse codes, smoke signals, etc., sort-of like LIVE TV!!

    1st up, Thanksgiving Prep: watch the LIVE feed and I’ll answer as many questions as I can with the best of my Entertaining and Culinary knowledge on Monday, NOVEMBER 25th @ 9pm

    It’s really easy: just go to my YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/hluizpresents and you’ll see an icon for “Upcoming Events” or if I’m already LIVE, you’ll see an indicator stating “LIVE Now”.  If you are a Subscriber to my YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/hluizpresents  (or if not, please subscribe now) you should  see an alert if you click on your Subscriptions area.  It will also be telecast simultaneously in a Google+ Hangout.  That’s it! Easy, right?

    See you soon on the other side!! :)

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    Airline CHANGE Fees are Rising

    It’s getting so that it’s becoming cheaper to book a new flight as opposed to canceling one. All major airlines (not just the one I’m currently using) are charging from $150 to $200 to change a flight – even if it’s from the same day at 10:20am to later at 3:40pm.


    In my own case, I’ve booked 2 one-way tickets from JFK to MIA and MIA to JFK because it was less expensive then booking roundtrip this time around. Then, while in Miami, I ran into a colleague in the morning and we decided to have lunch together at his new restaurant. I got on the phone to change my MIA/JFK ticket for later in the day. I figured it would cost me about $50 and the $100 lunch would be “complimentary” so no worries, right? WRONG!!

    My return ticket cost $129 but the change fee was a staggering $200. So I booked a new return one-way ticket for $138 – which is less than $10 more than my original ticket price. So, if you did the math, I saved over $60 by booking an entire new ticket. The total price was ($129+$138=) $267 to fly back home as opposed to $329 if I just changed the flight. But I didn’t stop there…

    I decided not to cancel my original return flight home. I even confirmed my seat on the flight I was NOT taking. Why wouldn’t I – to give the airline an opportunity to resell my seat for their profit

    Turns out that I’m not alone in my feelings and the airlines know this. Their revenue-management programs, based on their carefully calculated reports of passenger no-shows, off-set this possible loss in revenue by overselling flights.

    “On certain fares, and on certain routes, there will be a higher number of no-shows,” says Warren Lieberman, president of the technology consulting firm Veritec Solutions and one of the pioneers in the field of airline revenue management. “If they’re selling tickets for $149, you can predict that more passengers will walk away from the fare, because the change fee is $200.”

    So with ALL airlines increasing change fees, I would advise you that if you’re entertaining any travel flight changes that you first check out if it’s less expensive (or not) to just book a new flight.


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    Kay M – The Boarding Pass LP and FLIGHT FOR CANCER

    “One day I was just like, look man- I’m going to stop touring for a little bit and I really want to work on a project.” -Kay M


    FLIGHT FOR CANCER #DoYouHaveYourBoardingPass is a Pancreatic and Breast Cancer Charity Auction held at the BROOKLYN FIREPROOF Art Gallery Space (119 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn New York) on SUNDAY Oct 27th, 2013 from 4pm to 6pm. It is FEATURING Kay M‘s The Boarding Pass LP release.

    Also, the Artists displaying at the Charity Event are: ORTIZ the Desire Of DollFaceCrew, Chef Yesenia Cruz of Mini-Me Sweets, Janelle Ryan of the Janelle Show, Freezy Freeky, and E. Michelle.
    The Incredible MUSIC will be brought to you by Kay M, DJ Sir Mell Star, and DJ Griffon.
    The SPONSORS are The Silence Team and Yhancy Nunez New Heights Signs and Printing.

    These Talented and Generous Individuals are coming together to bring you a SHOW that you just can’t miss! You’ll get to EXPERIENCE all this for just $10 and it will help fund the efforts of Pancreatic and Breast Cancer Organizations.

    Below is a behind the scenes look into the reasoning and explanation for the first LP from independent artist Kay M. Take this visual journey with some of the people responsible in developing the first of many albums to come. Hear commentary from studio engineer and artist “Clicquot Geno“, graphic artist “Zuleka” of the Dollface Crew, independent songstress “Carressa” and Producer, Engineer, Song Writer/Artist “Sinical
    YouTube Preview Image
    This is the “Boarding Pass LP”…Get ready for flight!!

    Here’s a quick video of the 1st cut – Akers off the NEW LP…
    YouTube Preview Image

    To legally DOWNLOAD the LP (courtesy of Kay M) checkout his website Jersey Boy From Brooklyn and then CLICK the cover art for the AMAZING Boarding Pass LP, save and listen!!

    Tell them H. Luiz of “H. Luiz Presents…” sent you!! :)

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    the Connoisseur Experience starts Oct 6th…

    YouTube Preview Image
    Leave me a COMMENT if you are going!! :)

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    The Connoisseur Experience: the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY


    WHO: Kimberly Knox of Ubiquita Worldwide in conjunction with Rasheeda Wilson of Good Body (along with Media Partners “H. Luiz Presents…” and Fusicology.com) present The Connoisseur Experience

    WHAT: BeatBox meets a Jazz Jam Session meets Song plus More Music, Fine Dining, Global Culture, and a Lifestyle Experience with Friends and Family

    WHEN: Sunday October 6th, 2013 from 1pm through to 5pm

    WHERE: Silvana located at 300 West 116th Street between Manhattan and 8th Avenues - Cover charge is just $10

    WHY: Amazing Featured Performances…

    *World Renowned Beatboxers – Ed Holden AKA Mr. Phormula of Wales, UK and New York City’s own Adam Matta

    *The Incredible Matt Vorzimer, the eCUSSIONIST  dazzles us on the Drums

    *Very Special Guest Vocalist – the Beautiful and Talented Alexis Hightower

    *Ambient grooves provided by the  incredible and ever-popular ELLE DJ

    For your Graphic and Design needs, please check out Julissa Herrera
    For your Photography needs, check out David Burko of 2 KINGs Photography


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    Greetings Good People!!

    “You are cordially invited to the launch of a brand new series…The Connoisseur Experience - a premier touring jazz and dining/brunch experience targeting NYC’s tastemaker elite. The debut  event series  will be spotlighting the best new culinary and performance venues in NYC’s famed, historical and revitalized  Harlem  neighborhood.  From music to food to real estate to media, this  event endeavors to introduce patrons to a new renaissance in tune with  the changing face of Harlem.” - Kimberly Knox

    “We are bringing a unique global experience that has never truly been seen in the NEW Harlem Renaissance. Blending artistry from Wales, UK and New York City, we know it will be an experience Jetsetters and Trendsetters alike will appreciate. Bringing you something NEW and EXCITING to your Sunday Afternoons with international flair, come check out The Connoisseur Experience!”- Rasheeda Wilson

    Stay tuned for more information regarding the Artists featured at The Connoisseur Experience but Save the Date NOW for October 6th at Silvana’s @ 300 West 116th = doors open @ 1pm.



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    The Connoisseur Experience


    Ubiquita Worldwide in conjunction with Good Body along with Media Partners “H. Luiz Presents…” and Fusicology are pleased to bring you The Connoisseur Experience at the famed Silvana’s Music Venue in Harlem NYC!

    This bimonthly event will kick off this October 6th with the doors opening @ 1pm and ending by 5pm.  It’s going to be a laid back, relaxed, and very entertaining extravaganza filled with food, fun, and festivities!  The talent spans from Local to Global, from NYC to Wales, and back to the very HEART of the NEW Renaissance Harlem!! 

    Come by, bring your dates, friends, and your families and enjoy the Connoisseur Experience on a Sunday afternoon of Jazz Jam Sessions blended with renowned Beatboxing, Vocal Styling, and a High=Profile DJ playing all our favorites too!


    My Family and I will be there. Please stop by, enjoy yourselves and be sure to say hello!! :)

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