SuperBowl Sunday

Hey! I know this is a last minute post,

but a lot of you really enjoyed my 30-

second Facebook Reels Play of my Confetti Chicken Wings!

We try to make this platter every

Super Bowl Sunday. We compliment

the wings with lots of veggies and a

homemade dipping sauce. Use the

vegetables and sauce that you like!

I hope your TEAM wins today!!

For my Plant-based and Vegan Friends,

here's my homemade hummus and

veggie salad platter- so delicious!

If you have a can of chickpeas, then you

can make hummus in a pinch! Use the

veggies that you like but you must

include pita bread. Okay- maybe it's not

a must but it is in my home!

Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday and again- I hopw your TEAM takes it today!!

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