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This New YouTube Video is for a delicious, healthy, and beautiful meal – grilled tofu with a quinoa salad:

We had a cocktail party and though we usually have a signature cocktail, we always have non-spirited options like fresh lemonade and cucumber water for our guests. Here’s a New YouTube Video on how to make my fresh lemonade:

Ever have that moment when you smell fresh cinnamon rolls and you see a mound of heavenly goodness with that drippy white sugar glaze oozing off the top? Sometimes our will power is not enough to resist it and we know that we have no business eating a cinnamon roll the size of a child’s baseball glove. Now you can make your own “mini” cinnamon roll that packs a tasty punch of flavor that really satisfies. Here’s how I make them, the easy way in this New YouTube Video: 

This New YouTube Video is just fun. We did a Meet n’ Greet in Atlantic City and to our surprise lots of sexy women showed up. I seized the opportunity and asked if they would do a 5 second promo vid and they said YES! Notice the other folks in the background – it was a lovely day! Thanks to MargaritaVille’s Land Shark Bar on the beach for hosting the location:

These YouTube videos demonstrates the different styles of camerawork I use for H. Luiz Presents… videos on YouTube. Please share and give me a thumbs up on YouTube and maybe a comment- but only if you really like it! You may SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel with 1 click here: H. Luiz Presents on YouTube


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