Introducing “H. Luiz Presents…Holidays!”

Imagine having a host organize and execute your excursions, activities, dinners, tours and nightlife, while ensuring your satisfaction and safety while on vacation! H. Luiz Martinez, a fun-loving, knowledgeable and experienced traveler, can provide that “service” as well as coordinate packaged deals for groups of four to more. But it’s also the little details…

Where can I get the best rooms at a great price? Who has the best coffee in town? Which tour is worth attending? How can I get to the best tucked-away restaurant? Where is the most-happening club? Where may I catch the sunset?

These questions and more can be answered with your “Personal Insider” that will offer you tips and tricks for a more enjoyable holiday excursion. However, it’s the hosting of some of your excursions that you will really enjoy. H. Luiz has the inside scoop on great excursions, activities, and restaurants that you may not otherwise hear about. The reason he can “fill us in” is because he has experienced these amazing, tucked-away places and activities himself. As a popular, fun-loving and well-respected Traveler, H. Luiz can show groups the best ways to maximize your time and money utilizing his personal travel experiences.


H. Luiz Martinez has consulted with hotel and guest-house industries, specialty restaurants, fun-filled excursions, travel magazines, tour groups and other activities to put together packaged deals that cater to his personal brand of travel for you to enjoy.

H. Luiz works with a variety of travel and food publications and has 3 columns in three international magazines. His social media audience spans over a quarter million followers. H. Luiz offers travel tips and tricks and even offers videos on food and travel (and other entertaining nonsense) on his video channel


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