Blue Diamond Resorts Announces Inaugural Caribbean Pride Week at CHIC Punta Cana

Caribbean Pride 2017 is the first of its kind from resort management company, Blue Diamond Resorts. The vision of the event is to create a welcome experience for members of the LGBT community, complete with luxurious first-class accommodations, premium drinks and gourmet dining. CHIC Punta Cana is the ideal venue for an inaugural celebration with such fearless high energy, as a resort that captures the poolside atmosphere and luxury offerings.

Yours Truly, H. Luiz, has been chosen to report back and bring this upcoming experience to all of you Social Media Monsters thanks to my editor at Passport Magazine and the Z!MMERMAN Agency. I will be there from September 21st through to the 24th and the upcoming VIP treatment and Entertainment promises to be a full GALA with the Who’s Who in the LGBTQ Community!  I can’t wait!!


You too may enjoy the Caribbean Pride Celebrations, Excursions and Festivities by Booking YOUR Stay and joining me- we’ll have so much FUN!!

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