Create YOUR Own 90 Minute Brunch Party

I think the best way to entertain your family and friends is with a late breakfast or early brunch! The beauty is that it does NOT have to be expensive, NOT need to last for hours, and CAN be just as fun as any dinner party. I created the 90 Minute Brunch Party that’s so easy to do! Self-serve is always best.
Priority List

Beverages: I ALWAYS have Bellinis (Prosecco w/ Peach Puree) -or- Mimosas (Champagne w/ Fresh Orange Juice) in glass pitchers. Provide an extra pitcher of OJ for those that do not want alcohol in their juice. Add 2 or 3 bottles of large sparkling water along with some flat waters. I like to set out a tray of glasses and a stack of cotton napkins alongside the pitchers. Hot coffee is a must! I have a couple of Percolators and I find that they’re convenient for guests to serve themselves as compared to one large clunky coffee urn. Put out the milk, cream, and sugar and you’re ready to go.
champagne and orange juice

Food: Make a great frittata or a large potato pancake with scrambled eggs on top – I slice it into wedges and let guests serve themselves. Make 2 for larger parties.  A side platter of pancetta, bacon, or savory herb breakfast sausage rounds out the dish. If I have 8 or more guests, I make a simple green avocado salad or grilled asparagus with a buttery lemon sauce. This will not only compliment the main dish, but it will stretch out their portion size.
latkes pork

Dessert: I either have biscotti or fresh-fruit tart(s). In the summer, I like having small glass bowls of cubed watermelon which I drizzle with my honey-orange-ginger glaze. It’s so refreshing topped with baby-mint leaves.
fruit tartcookiesskewered fruit

Make sure your guests know in advance that it’s a 90 Minute Brunch Party. Some may have to be reminded AFTER 90 minutes but that’s okay. jajajaja!  The best part is that you and your guests will have the rest of the day to relax and do whatever it is you want to do.





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  • July 14, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Great ideas … including the 90-minute part … thanks for sharing =)

    H. Luiz Martinez Reply:

    Hey Beautiful @Barbara,

    Thank you for ALWAYS being so supportive!! 🙂
    The “90-Minute” part is Henry’s favorite too – jajajaja!

    Stay well!

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